08/18/05 - I'll be heading up to Whiby, Ontario next week to put the
finishing touches on our order.  We've just been assigned
Hull No. 87
with a mid-December delivery date, so construction will begin soon!    
I put together this
PhotoShop-enhanced image (at right) for PDQ to
use as a guide for the desired appearance of our finshed boat.  We'll
see how close we come to each other...
Click to view larger image
08/27/05 -  Just back from PDQ Factory visit; the specs for
Sno' Dog have been written!  Besides 100-HP engines, we'll
have a generator, air-conditioning,
E-Series Raymarine
electronics, anchor/mooring package, davits and four extra
hatches for plenty of ventilation.  We'll also have the Heater
Craft cabin heater (which uses engine coolant for heat while
underway) and the
dual inline fuel filters with gauges.  Although
it seems we got almost everything on their option list, we did
pass on a few (relatively expensive) items.  We skipped the
quiet package deciding, after another sea trial in a new 100-hp
model that it it really wasn't necessary.  We also passed on the
"Quiet Flush" head as it was our experience on the Sunsail
charter that it didn't really live up to its name!  We also passed
on the washer/dryer, watermaker and the icemaker.  This is
only a 34-footer after all!
Click to view larger image
First of the 2006 models, "Gypsy Lady"
awaits final sea trial at Whitby Harbour.
What's new for 2006?
It was fun to see the new boats
which now incorporate all the 2006
changes including: stainless steel
Bomar portlights, new
back seat and davit assembly, a new
overhead panel above the inside helm
station which frees up space on the
dashboard, a new double seat on the
flybridge with reversing backrest and
fuel filters.  The new boats
also come with a combination
microwave/convection oven.
New overhead panel at inside helm          New integrated seat/davits
Stay tuned for the next installment...
9/28/05 - Back from a one-week house-boat tour of Venice, ITALY. Absolutely beautiful!  Not really
Sno' Dog related, but if you're interested, check out four pages of scenic photos by clicking here.
12/20/05 - Guess we started something with the cats-in-the-snow images.  PDQ used our Winter
image (which appeared at the top of Page 1 for a few weeks) as their Christmas card this year,
plus they've come up with a similar image for their Antares 44 sailboat  -  see the
PDQ seasonal cover
page.  Congrats to Salwa Farah for her humorous creativity.
I gather at least one customer has already called to inquire if PDQ cats are indeed built strong enough to
go through snow and ice that way!  Perhaps we should have added a disclaimer: Don't try this at home!
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12/22/05 - Finally unveiled, the REAL Sno' Dog! No flakes, no fakes - this is the REAL THING!
Click on the photos to see larger images
Once again, I traveled to
Whitby to see
Sno' Dog before
she goes into cold storage for
the winter.  I got there just in
time to witness the final
commisioning process --
almost everything possible
without launching had been
completed -- including the
graphics, as you can see here.
For more,
click here.
The real Sno' Dog at the head of the
assembly line  - December 2005
I also got a sneak peek at PDQ's new Powercat 41.  I was
actually able to walk through the plug for the owner's cabin -
very impressive!  There's no doubt that PDQ customers who
have been clamoring for an easily-accessible bed will love this
boat.  I think, because PDQ listened to their customers, they
will have another winner here! For more on the 41 click photo:
For a Dinghy discussion, click here
New PDQ Powercat 41 web site
(posted on 3/14/06 along with their new web site format)
01/12/06 - Time to take down our 2005  Christmas Card -  but you can still see it with a simple click..
PDQ took theirs down a few weeks ago, but (lucky you!) you can still see it by
clicking here:.
01/15/06 - Just back from a week in Kauai -- the garden island of Hawaii -- more like Paradise, I'd say!
Naturally, we took lots of photos -- and you can see some of them by clicking on the links below.
Perhaps a bit more relevant to readers of this site, we took a
powercat tour of the island aboard the 62-foot power
Holoholo which really impressed us with it's
ability to run at 25 knots into some really
huge ocean waves.
To see the whole
Kauai 2006 photo
click here.
62' powercat Holoholo
34' powercat Kahanu
See Latest  02-28-06
02/20/06 - Another trip, another photo-journal!  This time, a Panama Canal Cruise.   Figuring that we
ought to do stuff that we won't be doing after we get our boat, we set off on another far-flung adventure:
Panama Canal - Gatun Locks (mouse over)
Holland America's m/s Zaandam
Curaçao, much more than a liqueur!
In addition to Curaçao, we also stopped in Aruba, the Bahamas and Costa Rica
It was difficult to pick just a few photos (from the 500 or so!) from this trip.  I got a bit carried away
with the
Panama Canal Transit portion - there are now 4 pages with a moment-by-moment description.
Since we'll likely never get down there in our own boat, it was a great way to experience it.
Check it out.
Photos are clickable...
.  03/14/06 - FLASH! The  PDQ 41 Powercat   is now featured on the re-formatted PDQ web site.
03/28/06 - Just received a photo from Salwa showing Sno' Dog waiting patiently for spring launch.
  Only 48 more days to go until
PDQ-U -  and our first night aboard  Sno' Dog !
.  04/01/06 - Now that the PDQ 41 is old news, I'm proud to present this exclusive spy shot of the new
.  PDQ 81-FT POWERCAT emerging from PDQ's top-secret facility in S. China. You saw it here first!
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Note: Sadly, our Hawaii photos are no longer available as AOL shut down their web site.  Don't use AOL!
.    For a complete Sno Dog Log Site Map & Table of Contents click here...
.   For a complete Sno Dog Log Site Map & Table of Contents click here...
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