European  Canal Boat Partnership
Here's a Canal Boat that has open-water capability as well.  A  57-foot
Cruising Barge based on a replica Dutch Luxmotor hull.  Perhaps a boat
like this would generate some serious Partnership enthusiasm?
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The 2005 Euroclassic 139 Canal Barge Chocolat - a good boat for exploring the inland waterways of Europe.
Wanted:  A 1/4 Share Partner in a 45-foot
EuroClassic style CANAL BARGE.
Currently lying in central France, this boat is in
excellent condition and has all the amenities for
comfortable inland cruising
Planned minimum four-year program to explore
French, Belgium, and Dutch waterways. We
already have three partners; we're looking for a
fourth experienced boater/cruiser to join us.
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.   Night and Day on Nettles Island
It's hard to beat the serenity and beauty of canal cruising in France!
This is a unique opportunity to spend two
months (or more) each year cruising the
spectacular waterways of Europe and venturing
well beyond the limited, often crowded,
charter-boat regions.  All this in a boat that is
better-equipped and more luxurious than most
charter boats at a fraction of the charter price!
Sound interesting? Contact: Dick Tuschick or
Henry Clews for more info, or click on link below.
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.   A short sojourn to the French West Indies
.  See our trip to The Netherlands - April 2011
.                    May 2011 Update...
.     We have a Partnership - and a Boat!
.   See photos on  May 2011 - Pg 1 (scroll down)
.                   June 2011 Update
.                  À Bord d'Accord !   
The Log of canal barge Accord begins...
Note: We now have 4 partners.  See update links below...
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.June 2013 Update - We're very glad we did not end up with
. a Euroclassic style canal boat.  We have now seen several
. of these along the waterways (including Chocolat, one of
. the boats we considered buying) and they have several
. flaws.  The inside steering has very limited visibility and
. there is no protection for the outside position. See photo on
. May 2013 - Page 3.  More importantly, they have a very
. inefficient propulsion system.
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