Funny Boat Names
A Silly Supplement to SnoDogLog
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Indubital Equivalent - seen on the New River in Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Stocks & Blondes - on the ICW near Palm Beach, FL
Photographed while aboard Sno' Dog
Overbored - at the Miami Beach Marina, Miami Bch, FL
more to come, no doubt...
Missing Peace - on the ICW near Hollywood, FL
That's one big GRUMPY  boat!    In West Palm Beach, FL
Lady Go Diver.  At Lighthouse Point near the Hillsboro Inlet.
Home Aweigh.  On the S. Fork of the St Lucie R. in Stuart, FL
Fish'n Chip on Sand Key near Indian Shores (Gulf Coast), FL
Soul Bait - Indian Rocks near Clearwater, FL
Wasted Seamen - seen in the FOG on the GICW near Venice, FL
.           NUCLEAR FISHIN - from Oak Ridge, TN
Home of the Oak Ridge Nat'l Lab for Neutron Science, etc.
A well-equipped Camano 28 seen at Ft Myers City Docks