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Flaps over aft hatches prevent drips (onto beds) when hatches are left open.
Here are the dimensions of my flaps.  I gather this works only with the new style davits.
Another recent Sno' Dog improvement...
Wide open window!  Good for letting in the breeze when at anchor - good for Bahamas in May!
In preparation for the Exumas Adventure, I decided it was time to give Sno' Dog  a wide opening front window.  
As others have done, I used a piece of PVC pipe as a support post.  I cut a grove in the top which locks it into the
window handle.  On the bottom there's a piece of carpet for padding.
What's unique (I believe) about my version are the quick releases on the side support struts.  This allows us
to use original partial-opening method, or to quickly release the struts and open the window fully.
I removed the original hex-head bolts and replaced them with "Ball-Lok" 3/16" x 1" Quick Release Pins
(available fr West Marine) which lock right into the threaded holes.  I also used aluminum bushings to increase
the diameter to 5/16" for the struts along with the original nylon washers.  It works great!  We can unhook the
struts and fully open the window in a matter of seconds!
The support post in place - with notch at the top for the handle.
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