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This year (2012) we spent two months in France cruising aboard the AMAROK.  We started in Carcassonne in mid-August and ended
up in
Saint-Jean-de-Losne in early October.  We covered just over 800 kilometers (500 miles) and we went through 68 locks.
                                                            Our route is highlighted in
orange on the map above.
The Navigable Waterways of Southern & Central France.  Our 2012 cruise from Carcassonne to St-Jean-de-Losne is highlighed in orange.
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Note: We had planned to change the name to "ACCORD",
but later decided to keep the original
AMAROK name.
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Saint-Jean-de-Losne is a great place to start our 2013 cruising
.  We will have the choice of heading northwest up the Canal de
, or heading north along the Saône which, in turn, connects to
Canal du Rhône au Rhin (leading Dole and beyond), or continuing
up the
Petite Saône to Gray and beyond or veering off on the Canal de
la Marne à Saône.
 There is also the choice of heading south to the
Canal du Centre - and a bit further to the River Seille.  Many of these
routes allow for a complete circuit, so we'll need to do some serious
planning over the winter to decide where the
AMAROK goes next.
a possible Route Map...