Margaret Strawbridge Clews
1919 - 2010
My mother at the age of 90 checking the menu at a restaurant in the south of France.
My mother, Margaret Clews, died peacefully on August 6 at
her summer home at
Kendal at Hanover in New Hampshire.
She lived just six days after the opening of her one-woman art
show at the Howe Library in Hanover. At the opening, which
also served as family reunion, she greeted her whole family as
well as nearly 100 friends. She was delighted to be fully
present at what turned out to be her own memorial service!

We will miss her terribly, but we will cherish so many
memories of her wonderful life as a loving mother,
accomplished artist, and a perpetual optimist.

To see her complete OBITUARY as it appeared in our local
New Hampshire newspaper,
Click Here.  (She succumbed to
pancreatic cancer which she fought valiantly for the past eight
This photo was taken in May 2010
just prior to her art show opening -  
only a few weeks before her death.
Margaret holding forth at the opening of her show at the
Howe Library in Hanover.  The show was scheduled over
two years ago.  She was very grateful to be able to make it!
One of her good friends, Betsy Edmonds, poses
with Margaret at the Hanover show.
My brother Kit made this poster showing
our mother at age 16.  It was taken from
a 1935 newspaper photo announcing her
Coming Out party.  If you click on the
photo, you'll see it says: "16 at heart".
Then, when you turn it over, it reads:
"91 years young".  All family members
added their signatures at the reunion.
Henry's side of the family...  Left-to-right top row: Henry (my eldest
son), his wife, Mary; my daughter, Meg; her husband, Paul; Charlotte's
husband, Jerome (obscured); my daughter, Charlotte; my wife, Nancy.
Front row: grandkids Neddy & Hal; my mother, Margaret; my son,
Leithan; grandkids Rose, Lucy, Eva and Georgia.  Not in this photo: son
Michael, sister Sylvan - and my brother Kit's two daughters, their
spouses and their 5 children!  
Click here to see FULL FAMILY PHOTO!
Family members gather in Mom's Kendal apartment for a visit.  
After her opening and family reunion, she was quite exhausted.
Click on photos to view larger image.
My eldest grandson, "Hal".  He's only nine,
but here, he looks like a 15-year-old preppy!
..                         09/04/10
.   remotely by Kit's daughter, "Pip" with camera
.   on a tripod - is finally available for viewing.
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(Twin) brother Kit & I holding forth at the Howe
Library.  We're wearing our
91 years young badges.
In the mean time, here are couple vintage shots of
Margaret in her prime (courtesy of brother Kit):
Margaret in her right-hand-drive MG-TC in Florida circa 1943.
Margaret attempting to photograph Daphne, a
very friendly goat!
Margaret and Mancha in their more practical car!  
I believe it's a (very posh) 1946 Buick.
Margaret at the helm of Sno' Dog just before her 91st birthday
in January 2010 - with a little help from first-mate, Madison!
After packing up all her belongings (into 75 boxes!) at her
Kendal at Hanover apartment, I took down the name-tag
on her door and shot this final photo.
(Click to enlarge.)
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