Sno' Dog  Memories...
Impressive line-up!  Fourteen PDQ 34's at the dock in Whitby, Ontario in the spring of 2005 - ready for delivery.
.   A chapter in our life that started 12 years ago
.   has come to an end.  We have sold  Sno' Dog !
I suppose the real beginning of this story goes back to the early
2000's when we chartered several sailing catamarans.  (See:
we Chartered
.)  We loved the stability and shallow draft of the cats.  
We thought about buying a sailboat, but decided a powerboat made
more sense.  At that time, I was barely aware of power-cats, in fact,
they had only recently appeared on the scene.
I think it was in the winter of 2003-2004 when I spotted my first
powercat. It was
Lead Free Too and she was based at Nettles Island
Marina!  We often came here in the winter to visit my parents.  It
turns out the owners, Larry and Sharon Duhaime, had just traded
their PDQ 32 sailboat,
Lead Free for their new powercat.  I was
intrigued, and I soon found the (truly excellent) PDQ website.  
Before long, I was on my way to Canada for a Factory visit.
Lead Free Too coming in to Nettles Island Marina - owner, Larry
Duhaime at the helm.  This was the first PDQ powercat I'd ever seen..
I dragged Nancy to a boat show to see a PDQ, but she was not
terribly impressed, she thought the galley was too cramped.  But
then, a year later, we saw a new 2005 PDQ with the enlarged
galley, and she liked it. Before placing our order, we decided to
charter a PDQ 34 to see how we'd like spending a few days on
board. (See:
New Boat - Pg 3.)  My brother, Kit met up with us
near Sarasota and took the photo below.
This photo, taken in Jan 2005 by my brother, became the basis for several
Photoshopped images
including our color scheme and graphics design.
Page 1
Ten years of ownership,
    fondly remembered.
Our original Boat Card...  We were handing these out well over a year
before we actually took delivery of
Sno' Dog!
Our 2005 Christmas Card...  We called this "Winter Cruising in New
Hampshire"  The house in the background was our Hanover residence.
Salwa Farah at PDQ picked up on our theme and created this
Christmas Card for PDQ Yachts which appeared on their website.
In May of 2006, we drove up to Whitby, Ontario to attend
PDQ-U and take delivery of
Sno' Dog.  We headed out with
our new boat as part of a 14-boat Spring Delivery Flotilla.
Fourteen PDQ 34 powercats ready to head out on our May 2006 delivery Flotilla.
First day of our Delivery Flotilla heading across a choppy Lake Ontario.
After a very instructive 3-day introduction
to the care and feeding of our new cats, we
headed out together in a very impressive group.
(See SnoDogLog:
Rideau Waterway Flotilla)
We travelled together as far as Cobourg, then we
split up into three groups - one headed across Lake
Ontario to Oswego and the Erie Canal, a second
group headed for the Trent-Severn Waterway and
Georgian Bay (and the mid-west) and our group of
four boats which opted for the longer, but more
scenic route through the Canadian Rideau
This took us up to Ottawa, Montreal and eventually
to Lake Champlain and on to New York City.
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. Photo Log of our New House Contruction
At the end of the Baltic Adventure, Sno' Dog was
delivered back to Newport, RI.  We took her to Portsmouth,
NH for a month or so, then we set off on our second
southbound trip on the ICW. For the next four years, we
Sno' Dog north and south with the seasons.
With my brother and his wife, we continued on to
Portsmouth, NH - our summer home-port.
Nancy peeking through our ring buoy - which is also
"Valentine #30" - it's a long-standing tradition.
In the summer of 2006, we cruised the coast of Maine.  In this harbor  
(Friendship, ME) every boat in this photo appears to be a lobster boat!
My granddaughter, Eva at the helm.  Eva is now
15 years old and 6 feet tall!
Nancy & me with our original snow dog, Madison - in Bucksport, Maine
Click on photos for larger image...
In the fall of 2006, we headed south on the ICW - the first of many such trips.  
Here, we are on a pretty section of the Dismal Swamp Canal.
En-route south, we were able to meet up with my
parents.  This is my father, age 91 at the helm.
Certainly one of the highpoints of the last ten years
was the Great
2007 Baltic Adventure.  We loaded Sno'
onto a ship bound for Rauma, Finland.  For the next
two months, we cruised through Finland, Sweden, and
Germany to the port of Ijmuiden in The Netherlands.
Sno' Dog being loaded onto the Suomigraght bound for Finland.
From Finland to Holland -  route of the Great 2007 PDQ Baltic Adventure.
Click on map for larger image...
Coverage of the Baltic Adventure on SnoDogLog  begins at:
                     2007 BalticAdventure - Page 2.
In Delftzijl, Holland we met up with two other PDQs.
    Docked in the remarkbly crowded port of Urk in Holland.
Amazingly, we were always able to find space for our out-sized boats.
We were happy to find refuge in this little harbor of Mölle in Sweden.
Nancy riding on a dyke on the Friesian Island of Norderney.
PDQs waiting to transit the multiple locks at Berg - on the Göta Canal.
Nearing the end of our Grand Adventure in Amsterdam, NL.
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