Sno' Dog  Memories, con'd.
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Allen's Cay
Running across to the Bahamas was one of our favorite Sno' Dog Activities.
Over the years, we made several trips to the Abacos - and last winter, we got to the Exumas.
Sno' Dog cruising in the Abacos.
We never get tired of the color of the water in the Bahamas.
Dressed for dinner at the posh marina at Highbourne Cay.
Almost as pretty in the Florida Keys...  I love the view from the flybridge!
Nancy and Madison (our original snow dog) in Marathon, Florida.
My mother, Margaret at the helm - with a little help from Madison.
Docked at Hurricane Island in Maine - where my daughter, Meg
once taught at the Hurricane Island Outward Bound School.
Preparing to start one of our fall trips from NH to FL.
Rough weather off the coast of Massachusetts - 8-10-ft waves!  
Nevertheless, running from the inside helm,  was quite comfortable.
Nancy sometimes skipped this part of the trip.  She would fly down
to Nolfolk, VA and meet
Madison and me there.  From there south,
it was usually easy going
on the ICW all the way to Florida.
The Inner Harbor in Baltimore, one of our favorite stops.
Even without Nancy, Madison was always my faithful companion.
Where's your life-jacket?
Capt. Henry with first mate, Madison on the job.
One of our MANY sunset photos!  (I think this one was in Georgia.)
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