Sno' Dog   Memories, con'd.
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Nettles Island
  Hutchinson Island
     Jensen Beach
Late afternoon sun lights up "Section 2" of Nettles Island - as seen from the Nettles Island Causeway
We've grown to like this place - which is why, in 2015, we began construction of a new house here.
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. Photo Log of our New House Construction
A view (in the other direction) from the Nettles Island Causeway.  A favorite walking place for Madison - and now Adeline.
In the late spring of 2016, we decided to put our
Sno' Dog on the market.  A primary
reason was the
building of our new house -
we needed the money!
In the fall of 2010, we embarked on our fifth and final trip south from NH to FL.
My mother, Margaret Strawbridge Clews died that summer and she asked that her
ashes be scattered at sea near Woods Hole, MA where she and my father were married
- in 1949.
One of the things we loved about Sno' Dog was her inside helm station.  Often, the first
several days of our south-bound trip from New Hampshire would be in very cold weather.  
With heat supplied direct from the engine, our cabin was always warn and snug.
On our 2010 southbound trip, we detoured out
beyond the 3-mile limit near Woods Hole, MA
to scatter my mother's ashes at sea.
Often, when it was too rough offshore, we would run down the New Jersey ICW.
Instead of waiting for the bridges to open, we put down our mast and Bimini top
- this lowered our "air draft" to 12 feet.  Pretty sleek, eh?
A favorite overnight trip from Jensen Beach was W. Palm Beach.
Here, we're docked at the free pier in front of Marina Park - easy
walking distance to many restaurants, and even the theatre.
In the summer of 2012, our beloved "Snow Dog",
Madison died - at the ripe old age of 16.  Two years later,
we got another Norwich Terrier who we named
The primary reason we decided to leave Sno' Dog in
Florida in the spring of 2011 was our purchase of a
quarter-share of the Dutch replica barge
For the next three years, we spent an average of two
months aboard this luxurious vessel cruising the
canals and waterways of inland France.
AMAROK on the Canal Latéral à la Loire in France.
Adeline doing her best to take the place of  Madison.
Adeline on deck - with the ghost of Snow Dog Madison above!
Me being a sundog next to the Sno Dog - in Clewiston, FL
A family outing in Jensen Beach.  Sailing off into the sunset...
I included this photo (of Sno' Dog in Sanibel) because of
the comparison with the boat next to her.  It's a
Rosborough 246 like the
Mighty Mike that we owned
before the
Sno' Dog - and we may well be going back to a
boat like that now that we've sold the
Sno' Dog.
Our focus at the moment is on an
Acadia 25 built in Cape
Coral, FL.  We're discussing the possibility of an outboard
version of this normally inboard, trailerable trawler.
Sno' Dog listing as it appeared on the YachtWorld website in the summer of 2016.
These are the last photos we have of Sno' Dog.   She spent a quiet summer docked at Stuart Yacht Harbour in Stuart, FL
We will surely miss here!
In the last ten years, we've put nearly 25,000
miles under
Sno' Dog's keels - and just over
2500 hours on the engines.  
During that time, we
never had a single malfunction serious enough to
cause any change in our plans.
 Sno' Dog has
been, without doubt, the most reliable boat
we've ever owned!
Not sure what will become of SnoDogLog ???
We've heard that the new owners of
Sno' Dog
will be changing her name.  Rumour is that
she will become:
"Cat du Rhome" !
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So, what might our Next Boat look like?  We're thinking of scaling back, possibly a trailerable boat that we
could take north and south - without having to cruise the entire length of the ICW twice a year.
We like the traditional Downeast look; we considered Easterns and Seaways (which are built near us in Milton,
NH), but now we're focusing on Atlas Boat Works in Cape Coral, FL which builds the
Acadia 25.  Normally,
these boats are inboard-powered, but we talked to Owner/Manager Tom Gamso about building us an outboard
version.  Here's a Photoshopped image of what our next boat might look like:
An Atlas Acadia 25 modified for outboard power (a 200-HP Suzuki) and hard side-panels removed.
Very reminiscent of the Mighty Mike, the Rosborough 246 we owned about 15 years ago.
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