New Top-Secret PDQ 81-FT POWERCAT
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PDQ worker gets in a quick feel as the new 81 Powercat sees sunlight for the first time.
(Don't tell anyone you saw this!)
PDQ would have us believe they've been putting all their efforts into their new 41-ft Powercat, but unbeknownst to all, they have been secretly developing this new behemoth. "It's time for a bold step for a company that has been thinking small up to this point.  I feel the market is ready for this boat - at least at the rate of one every ten years - which perfectly matches our production capability at this time," says Simon Slater, President and CEO of PDQ Yachts.
He went on to say: "Today, PDQ is moving in a positive way towards achieving its goals of increasing its position as the dominant builder in the growing power catamaran market, as well as firmly establishing itself as the premier builder of luxury sailing catamarans".   But you've got to read between the lines - and this is often, most easily accomplished on
April 1 !!!

HMC  04/01/06